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Hilarious: Wolcott On O'Reilly

TeaserPosted by James Wolcott I tried to resist. I hoped to take the high road. But the clamor won't stop, and it seems that I will be forced to addre

Rove Testifies In Leak Probe

J. Scott Applewhite / AP fileBush aide speaks for two hoursKarl Rove, President Bush’s chief political strategist, has already spoken to investi

Lesbians...more From Atrios

What can you make of pundits who think it's shocking to mention that someone is a lesbian? And what can you make of a mother who thinks so? If they w

Kerry Wins In Body Language As Well

Body talk was louder during debates than rivals' words By Mimi Hall, USA TODAYThe homework for Professor Jane Elmes-Crahall's Communications 101 clas

Video Clip Of The Day

Andrea Mackris appears on the "Today Show" following her lawsuit against Bill O'Reilly Full segment Watch Here

Watch Out Al Franken

BY CORKY SIEMASZKO DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Excerpt: O'Reilly allegedly suggested this fate would befall his liberal nemesis, comedian Al Franken.

Sinclair: The People Respond

by The American Street So Sinclair’s decision has nothing to do with anything about Kerry’s service. The fact is that Sinclair is a sinking


from Andrew Sullivan CNN finds a clear victory for Kerry in their insta-poll, 53 - 39. CBS gives it to Kerry as well: 39 - 25, with 36 calling it a t

Crooks And Liars Special SegmentI

was listening to some hack called Tim Graham from the conservative group Media Research Center with Bill O'Reilly. Graham was trying to defend Sinclai

Video Clip Of The Day

How bad is it in Iraq? Watch Journalist Anderson Cooper tell Jimmy Kimmel how dangerous it really is. Watch here

FCC Wasting Its Time

FCC Seeks $1.18 Million Fine Over Fox Marriage ShowBy Jeremy Pelofsky WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Communications Commission (news - web site