August 18, 1995 - Hostages, Saber Rattling And Ito.

News of the day for August 18, 1995 - U.S. tanks mass on border of Jordan and Iraq. Judge Lance Ito suspends OJ Simpson trial to listen to the Fuhrman Tapes. Hostage situation in Kashmir. Body of Himalayan mountain climber Alison Hargreaves discovered. Illegal Alien sweep in Nebraska. Former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker up on new indictments over White Water affair. Shannon Faulkner still in sick bay at The Citadel. Convicted murderer Sylvester Adams executed and The Interstate 880 Sniper is arrested.

December 15, 1995 - Breakthroughs And Stalemates.

News of the day for December 15, 1995 - The Whitewater affair, AIDS activist Jeff Getty gets first Baboon bone marrow cell transplant ever, Bosnia going through transition, Boris Yeltsin on upcoming elections in Russia, OJ Simpson civil trial - the day just started.