African-American voters

Humiliation, Riding On A Carpet Of Racism

I want you to hear Baratunde Thurston's heartfelt message to Donald Trump and the media who enabled him. Be forewarned, it's NSFW in places. While it will likely have no effect on those who most need to hear the message, it had a profound impact

Mike's Blog Round Up

Vox Verax: The masquerade is revived, G-Dub is inspired, war is peace, and Dick Cheney is not a liar. House of the Rising Sons: We're heartily sick o

Jeb Bush KNEW

Associated Press is reporting that JEB BUSH was told of serious flaws in the "felon voter list" that sought to prevent a list of mostly African-Americ

Poison Politics, Again

GOP scheme to supress the black vote is back, nastier than ever Errol Louis NY Daily News In nine urban communities throughout the swing states of