J. Edgar Hoover

May 3, 1972 - "We Goofed".

May 3, 1972 - Silver Mine Disaster in Idaho. Presidential Primaries. Voting Machine malfunctions in Ohio. Nixon appoints L. Patrick Grey to replace J. Edgar Hoover. Mass defection of South Vietnamese troops from Huè. Upcoming Primaries. Sen. Jackson withdraws from race. Humphrey big winner in latest primaries. Guilty pleas in Yablonski murders.

J. Edgar Hoover - Remember Him?

(So infamous, they even wrote songs about him) The name J.Edgar Hoover has been fading from Americas collective memory the past few decades. He die

Mike's Blog Round Up

Prairie Weather: 9/11 commissioners say they were conned by the the CIA. Naturally, there are denizens of Wingnuttia who claim we should 'thank' them