Hundreds Of Bangladesh Garment Factories Shut Down

Hundreds of Bangladesh garment factories shut down on Monday due to protests, but the day ended with sweeping changes finally on the horizon for millions of the underpaid workers who have long toiled in far too often unsafe and deadly conditions.

Neil Barofsky: Why TARP Failed To Aid Troubled Homeowners

Former TARP Inspector General Neil Barofsky sat down with The Daily Show's Jon Stewart to talk about his book Bailout: How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street and the reasons for the program's failure. You can read

Six Months Of Rising Home Prices Signals Recovery

Single-family home prices rose in September for an sixth straight month in a further sign that the housing market is on the mend, a closely watched survey showed on Tuesday. The 3.6% increase from a year earlier is the biggest percentage

Matt Taibbi: JOBS Act Encourages Fraud In Stock Markets

Matt Taibbi sat down with Current TV's Eliot Spitzer to discuss the bipartisan debacle just passed by the Congress and signed by President Obama last week called the JOBS Act and the potential political fallout if this is made into an issue in the

Restoring Our Future: Figures From Mitt's Super PAC

Around 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, Mitt Romney's (independent) Super PAC released its six month campaign finance data, just a few hours after his big win in the Florida primary. This is what the campaign to Restore Our Future looks like (all info