Morning Open Thread: Codefellas

Morning Open Thread: Codefellas

Hot on the trail of a devastating computer virus, Topple and Winter burn the midnight oil. Are the North Koreans sending encrypted telegrams or has Kim Jong-un taken up beat poetry?

November 24, 1954 - A Curious Sense Of Calm.

News of the day for this day in history - November 24, 1954. Cold War. China sentences 13 Americans to prison on spying charges. Pres. Eisenhower spending Thanksgiving at "the little White House" in Augusta Georgia. Thanksgiving in 1954 - no fighting, business picking up. Cost of living declines. Lower prices for food. Overall, a feeling of mellow this year.

September 29, 1971 - Forty Years Ago Another War.

News of the day for September 29, 1971 - The Vietnam War heating up. President Thieu orders shoot-to-kill ahead of elections where he's the only candidate. Soviet spies in UK, Crime rate goes up. Hurricane Ginger about to come on shore. Freedom of the Press Commission hearings underway. Nixon visits families of POW-MIA's meeting in Washington.