Day in History

March 22, 1941 - Day 567 And Counting.

March 22, 1941 - Day 567 of the War in Europe. German raids on Plymouth England for 2nd night in a row. RAF Bombers attack German submarine bases in Occupied France. British people feel RAF attacks not severe enough. Germans constructing submarine base in Far East. U.S. Navy to convoy War supplies across Atlantic. Big question is Yugoslavia will join Axis or not. Conscientious Objectors dealt harshly in Germany. Congress passes $4billion Military Appropriations Bill in four hours.

March 19, 1987 - Rehearsals For Primetime.

March 19, 1987. Pres. Reagan gives first Press Conference in four months. Iran-Contra Scandal. CIA supplying Contras with plans and blueprints. Congress approves $40 million to Contras. Michael Deaver trying to stay out of jail. Israel stops supplying Military aid to South Africa. Bristol-Myers thinks it may have AIDS vaccine. 65 MPH speed limit approved.

February 24, 1941 - Another Day - Another Raid.

February 24, 1941 - German overnight raids in London and throughout UK. RAF bombers respond with raids on Calais and Boulogne. German Army poised to enter Bulgaria. Turkey pledges alliance with Britain. Soviet Union accused by Dies Committee on Capitol Hill of acting as German agent. Another day in World War 2.

February 13, 1984 - Meet The New Boss.

February 13, 1984 - Konstantin Chernenko named Soviet Party Chairman. Reagan meets with King Hussein and Hosni Mubarak over Lebanon. U.S. Women win Gold and Silver at Sarajevo Olympics. Justice Warren Berger calls out attorney's over frivolous lawsuits. Texaco files for merger with Getty Oil. And so much more.

February 2, 1951 - Radioactive Snow.

February 2, 1951 - The war in Korea, frostbite, advancing towards Seoul and rumor of a 38th Parallel being established. On Capitol Hill; wage freeze relaxations, the railroad strike and a move to draft 18 year olds. Atomic testing in Nevada hinted at being responsible for radioactive snowfall in Canada. Religion making a revival, due in large part to the Cold War, the Korean War and The Atomic Bomb.

January 20, 1980 - Summing Up The Week That Was.

News of January 20, 1980 and the week past. Carter White House inching closer to calling Boycott of Summer Olympic games in Moscow, getting sporadic support from allies. Soviet Afghanistan incursion now going through Public Relations phase, starting with kicking out US reporters, following in the steps of Iran's expulsion of foreign journalists. Final dispatches filed say growing unrest with Khomeni regime. United Nations votes unanimously to condemn Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and Justice William O. Douglas dies.

January 12, 1980 - Hostage Drama: Week 11.

News of the day for January 12, 1980 - Hostage Drama in Tehran enters Week 11. UN vote on Sanctions against Iran is postponed, due to hint Iran may soften demands on US. Crackdown on opposition in Iran with mass execution of supporters of Ayatollah Shariatmadari in Tabriz. Canada hints at willingness to offer Montreal Olympic site as alternative to Moscow. Rhodesia readies for first legitimate Majority Rule elections. Relations between Rhodesia and Mozambique improve. Illinois legislature approves financial bailout for bankrupt Chicago schools and Ted Kennedy is reported to be running 25 points behind Carter in upcoming Iowa Caucuses.

January 6, 1983 - "No New . . . .Never Mind".

News of the day, this day in history for January 3, 1983. Pres. Reagan hints there may be some new tax on the course ahead. Budget cuts/gas tax rise. Social Security hot topic. Soviet Spy Satellite Cosmos 1402 rumored to be out of control and falling back to earth. Warsaw Pact proposes peace initiatives to NATO. Talks at Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon enter round #4. French authorities seize and enter Greenpeace ship entering Cherbourg harbor. Woman in Oregon dies from Cyanide poisoning rumored from ingesting Anacin 3 capsule.

January 5, 1989 - The Second Gulf Of Sidra Incident.

It wouldn't be the end of the Reagan Years without some good old Libyan saber-rattling. News on this day in January of 1989 (also a Thursday) was mostly about the U.S. downing of two Libyan Air Force MIG's in what became known as the "Second Gulf