BBC Newshour

Vaclav Havel (1936-2011)

Tribute via the BBC World Service to Vaclav Havel, Czech Poet, playwright, dissident and first President of the reformed Czechoslovakia in 1989.

November 16, 1997 - Dissidents And A Whiff Of Sleaze.

News of the day via the BBC World Service Newshour from November 16, 1997. Top stories included Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng released from prison and sent to the U.S. in exile. French Communist Party leader Georges Marchais dies in Paris. Kuwait voices opposition to lending support to a U.S. led action in Iraq. Kenya elections and the first woman running for President. The Sleaze factor rampant in Parliament and Tony Blair answers charges. And 42nd street and Times Square undergoes a dramatic change.