German government

April 30, 1945 - A Whisper Away From Collapse.

April 30, 1945. News on eventual capitulation of Nazi government. Russians take Berlin. German cities come under Allied occupation. Allied Armies reach Dachau concentration camp. Heinrich Himmler assumes head of German government, negotiates surrender terms. War in Europe on the verge of being over.

April 3, 1941 - The World Of Ominous.

April 3, 1941 - News of the War in Europe. Count Teleki of Hungary reportedly commits suicide. Italian forces in Middle East suffer large air loses for the month of March. U.S. seizes Italian ships. Yugoslavia bracing for German invasion. Americans rounded up for questioning in Berlin. Capitol Hill calls for curb against strikes.

February 24, 1941 - Another Day - Another Raid.

February 24, 1941 - German overnight raids in London and throughout UK. RAF bombers respond with raids on Calais and Boulogne. German Army poised to enter Bulgaria. Turkey pledges alliance with Britain. Soviet Union accused by Dies Committee on Capitol Hill of acting as German agent. Another day in World War 2.