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Ed Henry Smears Ocasio-Cortez For Not Being Able To Afford DC Rents

Ed Henry Smears Ocasio-Cortez For Not Being Able To Afford DC Rents

On "America's Newsroom," Ed Henry made scurrilous accusations against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after she said she can;t afford DC rents and claimed she may have lied about where she lived and since she wore expensive clothes during commercial shoots so she should sell them to pay for rent.

Bain Capital's Link To OpSec Smears

You knew there had to be one. When you've got the worst candidate on the planet running for President, there's only one thing left to do. Pull out the corporate mudslingers and start tossing it all over the place. On Friday's edition of

Swiftboat 2012: OpSec Attacks President Obama On Bin Laden

Today a 22-minute film will be released attacking President Obama over, of all things, Osama Bin Laden's killing. Like the SwiftBoat efforts of 2004 on John Kerry, the goal is to attack the President's strengths and turn them into weaknesses.

Michelle Obama Smeared For Wearing Borrowed Jewelry

Drudge: Michele's Bling The right wing smear machine has been unrelentless in their cowardly attacks against FLOTUS. Michele Obama has been a target of Limbaugh's scathing commentary weekly, but Drudge led the way after Culture Map got the lying

" . . Even The White House Dog"

(Fala - Resented the right wing smears he heard nightly on the radio) Take heart. When you think the insanity, the attacks, the lunacy have gotten

Just Throw Grandma From The Train

The health-care deniers are out in full force now since the feckless members of Congress decided to pack it in until September and these lying liars a